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Client Testimonials

Since 1991, A-1 Domestic Professional Services, A-1 Home Care & A-1 Caregiver Agency
It has been dedicated to providing excellence in Home Care Service. Through our distinguished and personalized service, we have built ongoing relationships with our customers. We are committed to value, excellence and satisfaction. Here's what our customers have to say about our service.

  • Joe of Los Angeles.

    "Our Caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency is very gentle and patient with our mom as she gets more in the advanced stages of Alzheimers. Our Caregiver has fit into our family so well that we consider her part of our own."

  • Genie of Orange, CA.

    ”Both Caregivers sent by Orange County In-Home Care have been great. Francis is very likeable and Carlos learned what we required real well.”

  • Magda of San Clemente, CA.

    "I have used Orange County In-Home Care for a few years and they have always proved to be very reliable with quality caregivers. The caregivers are dependable and are the staff. The staff of A-1 Nurses are great! The agency is excellent and I will definitely refer them whenever possible."

  • Diane of Downey, CA.

    "I am writing to A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home care Agency on behalf of Andrew.

    Andrew cared for my father for several months. During that time, he was very professional and helpful. He showed tremendous compassion for my father who had progressive dementia. He always tried to engage him and give him as much enjoyment as he could. As you know, dementia patients can be difficult since their emothions change quickly. Andrew always showed respect and patience even during those difficult times.

    Andrew was also a great help to my mother during this time. He ran errands and helped with household chores. He earned her trust eartly on and she was very comfortable leaving him alone with my father. Friends and other family members often commented on how fortunate we were to have someone as caring and dedicated as Andrew to help us.

    I would highly recommend Andrew as a caregiver for those who need assistance.

  • Gail of Los Angeles, CA.

    "We appreciate our Caregiver's willingness to do out of the ordinary tasks and think she is a great person."

  • Bill of Newport Beach, CA.

    "Our Caregiver Madeleine, from Orange County In-Home Care / A-1 Home Health Agency, is taking good care of us. Everything is going very well."

  • Cindy of Los Angeles, CA.

    "The Caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency takes great care of my father. He effortlessly does everything perfectly."

  • Darci of Whittier, CA.

    "I'm so lucky to have someone like her taking care of my grandma. I trust her (the caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency) completely. She has made a big difference in my grandmothers overall health."

  • Mike of Bell, CA.

    "I'm happy with everything A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency is doing. There was a bit of adjustment necessary in the beginning, but everything is running smoothly now. I feel that I have gotten some of my own life back."

  • John of Los Angeles, CA.

    "She is an outstanding person and Caregiver from A-1 Domestic!"

  • Sol of Baldwin Park, CA.

    "I was very happy with both caregivers A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency has sent me. They were both very nice and very professional."

  • Pam of Los Angeles, CA.

    "Our Caregiver from A-1 Domestic has made such a terrific difference in our dads quality of life. All four of my dads children are very pleased with his overall performance. He is the first person outside of the family that our dad trusts. Praise the Lord."

  • Heidi of Beverly Hills, CA.

    "My Caregiver, Sandy, was on time and very professional. She did everything needed. I would use A-1 Home Care Agency in the future and refer them to anyone needing help."

  • Joe of Torrance, CA.

    "We appreciate the effort and care exercised by our caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency. Obviously, she knows all the care and comfort afforded in our Lord Jesus’ presence."

  • Ted of South El Monte, CA.

    "I couldn't believe how quickly A-1 Home Care Agency was able to provide help for my Aunt. Myrna, the Caregiver they provided, is excellent. My Aunt really likes Myrna and we both appreciated the way the agency called to make sure everything was going well. I live several miles away but I feel I have a solid connection with the staff at A-1 Domestic."

  • Robert of Torrance, CA.

    "We thank A-1 Domestic for providing the helpful Caregiver this past season which enabled my Mother to be given the care that met her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual best interests through this exceptional young lady. "

  • Bill of New York, CA.

    "I thoroughly endorse A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care and the Caregivers they place. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need and gladly write a letter of recommendation for this Agency."

  • Linda of Los Angeles, CA.

    "Our Caregiver from A-1 Domestic took care of my mom during some very difficult times and was a very caring companion to her."

  • Barbara of Marina Del Ray, CA.

    "My Father and Mother were very happy with Angie, their Caregiver. She was excellent and very kind. Angie was a great help to my Mother. My family and I are 100% satisfied with the service provided by A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency."

  • Robert of Los Angeles, CA.

    "The Caregiver A-1 Home Care Agency sent is like a friend to my mom. Mom misses her when she is away. The Caregiver is very helpful."

  • Sol of El Monte, CA.

    "I have a few agencies that will send Caregivers when I need them at no cost, but I would rather pay A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency for help - they are worth it. The quality, professionalism and friendliness of the Caregivers they have provided is better than anyone the other agencies have sent."

  • Margaret of Pasadena, CA.

    "I would like to thank A-1 Home Care Agency for all your help.The young man you sent has been a wonderful caregiver to my husband."

  • Nickole of Los Angeles, CA.

    "My mother loves her Caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency. My Mother works very well with her and trusts her."

  • Mary of Los Angeles, CA.

    "Her caregiver is the only reason my mother is alive today. We owe everything to her and A-1 Domestic."

  • Parvin of Los Angeles, CA.

    "She is an outstanding caregiver for my mother. She has demonstrated professionalism, cooperation and an excellent attitude; she is a prime example of the difference the quality caregiver can make."

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